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Discover NEW skills that will give you a competitive advantage at our Esports camps in New Jersey and Massachusetts. Whether you want to head straight into a career at an Esports facility or become a content creator and grow your personal brand, our camps allow you to explore the Esports world.  Ages 7-19 weekly from 9am-3pm local time.

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Create a Career

Be in the Center of the Action

Students will navigate interactive worlds, engaging with educational content to learn real-world STEAM skills in a safe and fun environment.

Learn and Play with Friends

Students can use these self-paced lessons to develop knowledge and create an Esports team with their friends. Whether full-day or half-day, we have camps to fit everyone’s schedule.

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Build 21st Century Skills

Augment is empowering parents to help their children define their future, as we prepare them for paths to college and careers that look very different from the world of today. This includes identifying and nurturing 21st-century skills early on, tying our curriculumn to Educational State Standards along with recognizing and leaning in on individuals’ natural strengths so they have the advantage they need to succeed.

Choose Your Journey

Campers can pursue a number of different options with our camps, discovering along the way how to define their own pace and choose their own path.

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